1. Welcome to EIV

    EIV Technical Services is a certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise (W/DBE) in Vermont & New Hampshire
  2. Environmental Consulting

    EIV can complete all aspects of environmental permitting including resource identification, field mapping, impact analysis, wetland permit application preparation and mitigation.
  3. Construction Inspection

    EIV can provide civil construction management and inspection services for a variety of markets, including: bridge, rail, road, aviation and transit projects.


Welcome to EIV Technical Services

We have served as experts in providing quality environmental and construction inspection services since 1964. We have been on teams for large-scale construction projects in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire. Our Value is:

  1. Our People. We provide the experts you need to complete your team.
  2. Our Quality. We promise to meet complex design and planning needs with exactly that combination of expertise and understanding that leads to desired objectives.
  3. Reduced Risk. Construction inspectors, environmental consultants, schedule analysts, and expert witnesses are a 3rd party representative hired to ensure the right process, materials and standards are used on your project to meet quality and regulatory conformance requirements.

EIV is certified as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise (W/DBE) in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Our Services

Construction Inspection and Resident EngineeringConstruction Inspection / Resident Engineering
EIV can provide environmental compliance and civil construction inspection…
Environmental Permitting / Erosion Control PlanningEnvironmental Permitting / Erosion Control Planning
EIV can complete all aspects of environmental permitting…
Historic Resource AssessmentHistoric Resource Assessment
EIV can assist with Section 106 review, reporting and regulatory coordination…
Environmental Assessments (Phase I & II)Environmental Assessments (Phase I & II)
EIV can also assist with Chemical Disposal and Hazardous Waste…
Topographic SurveyTopographic Survey
EIV can provide site surveys for private, commercial and state projects…
Geomorphic Assessment / Water Quality MonitoringGeomorphic Assessment / Water Quality Monitoring
EIV’s staff researches water resource issues such as public and private water supplies…

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